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Professional and life coaching

What is a Coach

Someone who can accompany you on part of your path, to help you move forward in your personal and/or professional life. Sometimes we know exactly what we want and we are looking for help in achieving this. Other times we don't really know what it is we want but we do sense that we would like to lead a more meaningful life, to find that inner space and joy. A coach can help.

Why work with a coach?

Do any of these questions resonate with you ?
- What do I really want to achieve? Why? For whom?
- What is important for me right now in my life? Why?
- What areas of life do I most value? How does this match with how I lead my life?
- Do I feel happy? What if I could feel even happier?
- Have I reached my full potential in all the important areas of my life? Do I want to?
- Do I feel I am holding myself back? If so, why ?
- Do I tend to blame what has happened in my life for situations now?
- Why do I tend to procrastinate?
- Am I more afraid of failure.. or afraid of success? Why?
- Do I feel whole - really connected to who I truly am? If not, why not?
- I have read many self-development books, watched lots of videos, so why am I not applying these lessons in my daily life?
- How can I best prepare for this interview? What type of questions will they ask? How will I reply? How good is my CV, my presentation?
- Am I a good manager, or could I be one? If so, how?
- Am I a good team member? Why? Why not?
- How much do I really value ME? How does this impact my life?
- Do I feel full of energy, or the exact opposite?
- Why do I feel my mind is constantly on overdrive? How can I feel calmer, more relaxed?
- Should I listen to my inner voice, intuition? What if I am wrong?
- Do I sometimes feel that I am just surviving, getting to the next day, the next weekend, the next holiday?
- How can I have a better work-life balance? Can this really work?
- What if I could be the absolute best I can be? How would that make me feel? What would it look like?

My coaching background

Firstly, I am an experienced, internationally-certified coach. I am also an Master NLP Practitioner. I have over 25 years of experience as a trainer, pedagogical advisor, coach, recruiter and mediator in the Human Resources departments of two very large international organisations.
Secondly, all of my professional life has been dedicated to helping people move forward in whatever way is appropriate for them.
I have personally benefitted so much from having been coached by wonderful people who have seen me for who I am and who have helped me be the best I can be - knowing that this is a journey that is definitely on-going. Thankfully.

Further information on coaching may be found in the answers to the FAQ listed below.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right coach for me?

The initial contact is very important. Find someone with whom you feel comfortable, confident that they know what they are doing, and caring. For some people, the right coach may be someone who tells you what to do - that's not me. For others, the right coach may be someone who helps you discover what is important for you and how to move forward - that's me.

Coaching is an investment in ourselves, and this process should be one that brings clarity, understanding, motivation and be fun.

2. How many sessions will I need?

How long is a piece of string? It really depends on what you want to achieve. For example, an objective may take five sessions for one person, and two for someone else.
Generally, three sessions are recommended - identify the main area, see options/paths, action plan. A later follow-up session is also recommended.
However, in reality, the number of sessions depends on the person, the objective(s), the new areas that the person discovers, the external time constraint (if there is one), etc.
A period of one or two weeks between each session is recommended. Where is there is a time constraint, e.g. interview, the sessions can be closer together.

3. How will I know when to stop having sessions ?

When you have reached your objective and/or feel that you no longer need coaching on a specific issue. It may also be when you feel that you are not making the progress you would like, for whatever reason. Sometimes we want something to happen, but it is not the right time for us.

I will also indicate when I believe we have come to the end of a process, or a certain part of a process.

4. Is coaching the same as therapy ?

Therapy, in its true sense, is generally the term used for the work carried out by a healthcare professional - psychotherapist, psychologist etc. and the main purpose behind such therapy is to work on past traumas and issues to help bring understanding. The focus is on the past and on learning lessons to help with the present and the future. As it can cover all and every aspect of a person's life, therapy can last many years. Therapy can also include diagnosis of conditions and possible treatments.

Coaching is focussed on the present and on the future. It involves clarifying what you want to achieve, your possible options, action plans and progress. There may be key beliefs that we have which have come from our past which are helping you or holding you back. Through coaching, you can identify what these are and either let them go, or use them to achieve what you want. Coaching can bring about changes quickly and at a deep level.

5. What is the difference between professional coaching and life coaching ?

Very simply, professional coaching covers all areas related to your career, including your skills, your successes, your preceived failures, your working environment, possible opportunities etc.

Life coaching covers everything else, and can also give insights into aspects of yourself that influence your professional life, and vice versa.

Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us.

Earl Nightingale.