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Title Let's listen - to ourselves, to others
Introductory workshop

A two-day introductory workshop on five aspects of listening:

- Active listening
- Listening to our bodies
- Listening to our emotions
- Listening to our thoughts
- Listening to our Truth

The objective of this workshop is to be more aware of these aspects, and to be able to integrate them better in our daily life. We always have the choice to listen with more than our ears ... .

Practical exercises, sharing, laughter.

Active listening
Active listening offers us the possibility to be in the present moment and to show the importance we give to the other person.
- Discover what this listening can offer to us and to others
- Better understand the possible obstacles that prevent us from doing so

Listen to our body
Our body accompanies us at every moment of our life. It sends us messages.
- Learn to listen to our bodies more attentively in order to understand the messages it sends us

Listen to our emotions
Our emotions are there to help us evolve and learn. By becoming aware of them, we can more easily understand and accept them.
- Identify and welcome our emotions
- Listen to the messages
- Become more aware of signs of suppressed emotions

Listen to our thoughts
Our thoughts control us? Sometimes it can feel like this because we can let ourselves be immersed in these thoughts and create images, stories which may or may not be true.
- Be more aware of our thoughts
- Open and embody this key role in our lives - to create our way of being, our future

Listen to our Truth
Deep within us is our Truth which has always been there, and will always be there.
- More consciously listen to this Truth
- Become aware of when we are aligned with this, or not.

Dates 9-10 October 2021
Time 09.30-17.30
Location Château Banquet, 94 Rue de Lausanne,
CH-1202 Genève
Cost CHF 350
Limited number of places
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Title Our emotions - how they impact our lives

A two-day workshop on raising awareness of how our emotions can affect how we choose to live our lives.

The objectives of this workshop include, among others:
- to increase our self-awareness
- to be able to choose how to act in a specific situation, without the baggage of the past
- to express ourselves more authentically
- to create positive, caring, honest relationships.

The programme:
- to identify the most predominate emotions that we express
- to become aware of patterns that no longer serve us
- to let go of blockages
- to integrate new behaviours

Practical exercises, sharing and moments of laughter.

Dates 4-5 December 2021
Time 09.30-17.30
Place Château Banquet, 94 Rue de Lausanne,
CH-1202 Genève
Cost CHF 350
Limited number of places
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Title Our expectations - how they influence us

A two-day workshop on the different ways in which our expectations can impact our self-esteem, our relationship with others and our perception of the world.

The objectives:
- to be more aware of where they come from
- to be able to choose what is right for us
- to reduce moments of disappointment and sadness due to unmet expectations
- to have more fluid, open relationships
- to accept and love ourselves exactly as we are

The programme:
- where do our expectations come from?
- the expectations of others towards us
- our expectations of others
- our expectations of ourselves

Practical exercises and sharing.

Dates 4-5 February 2022
Time 09.30-17.30
Place Château Banquet, 94 Rue de Lausanne,
CH-1202 Genève
Cost CHF 350
Limited number of places
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